Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy using trance and hypnotic language patterns known as Word Weaving ™ which is the glue that holds everything together and focusses on the solution rather than the problem.

In basic terms it designs an individual therapy based on the client’s view of the world and their way of thinking. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is based on a belief that we all experience trance states throughout everyday life when we are day dream or being a couch potato for example and that we can therefore access this level of unconsciousness for therapeutic benefit. In many ways Cognitive Hypnotherapy is more about de-hypnotising you out of a problem state, which is the result of the unconscious trying to protect you, to give you control over your behaviour and the things that you want to change.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not something done to you but is an interactive process where the therapist leads you on your individual journey to find your own solution.

Typically, treatments last for only a small number of sessions ­ it’s not a therapy which needs many sessions over a long period. If you decide you want to find out more then we would have an introductory session where we talk through your personal situation and determine the type of techniques which will be suitable for your particular circumstance. If you are interested in finding out more please contact me.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start”. Nido Qubein