Most if not all of us have a fear of something; whether it be a loathing of spiders, a terror of heights or flying, enclosed spaces or a more general social phobia ­ the fear of being the centre of attention for example.

Public speaking, Glopssophobia, is a common phobia which can be successfully overcome with Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can explore methods of taking you back to the source of the phobia and finding ways of empowering you to overcome or cope with the fear.  In this way you can lead a fuller life where these fears don’t hinder what you do and can help you to fulfil your potential without the worry of what might hold you back.


Below is an interesting link about dealing with a fear or phobia written by Trevor Silvester. I did a sky dive with Trevor last year:

Better to Do It Than Live With the Fear of It

Louise Jenkins Sky Dive

Louise Jenkins Sky Dive

Hi Louise,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for helping me with my fear of flying. It made our holiday start with an enjoyable flight which was far more preferable to the stress that I had gotten so used to. I actually sat on the plane like everyone else; not gripping the armrests and praying! My husband enjoyed the flight too! Thank you I shall definitely recommend you.