Hypnobirthing the Confident Childbirth way offers a unique, personal and flexible approach to hypnobirthing.  As my focus is always on the individual mum to be and this pregnancy no two clients or pregnancies are the same.  I do not use generic recordings and my downloads will be made shutterstock_263110772just for you, using any imagery and words that are unique to you.

Although partners are more than welcome to join in the sessions my goal is to empower you to have the birth experience of your choice using self-hypnosis rather than guided hypnosis.  This means that you will not be reliant on others to practice or to use your hypnosis and relaxation techniques.  It also means that the skills you learn can be applied to other experiences in your life rather than becoming redundant once you’ve had your baby.

Having said that Dads to be who have participated in the sessions have found the experience very useful in preparing them for parenthood and understanding their partners aims in and concerns about childbirth.  They also learn relaxation and visualisation techniques for themselves and we explore any areas of childbirth that are worrying them.  Often their main concern is how they will feel when they see their partner in pain, Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing helps by redefining this as a positive and controllable pain.

Born in Sri Lanka and educated in India, my notion of childbirth was that it is natural, quick and even reasonably gentle.  Please don’t misread ‘gentle’ for painless, it isn’t and I don’t want to imply that at all. But it is manageable, and let’s not forget that as a physical function … childbirth is actually what our bodies are best at.

Dr Gowri Motha, Obstetrician, Gentle Birth Method.

BecausLouise Jenkins Hypnobirthinge the programme is so individual I work either on a one to one basis, with couples or with  very small groups, if requested.

Although the initial focus will be before the birth, during labour and delivery you will find that Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing techniques can be used time and time again in all sorts of situations.

Self-hypnosis and relaxation aid breastfeeding and restful nights and many clients learn skills that they continue to use in family life.

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One Mum’s Hypnobirthing Story 2016:

It really was a magical experience, which I can look back on with happiness and pride. It was exactly the feeling I wanted when I came to our first session, to not be terrified, but excited and open to the possibility that labour could be an amazing experience. Thank you for preparing me for that so my body was able to do what was needed to make this happen!”
“I had a hypnotherapy for relaxation in pregnancy session with Louise, towards the end of my pregnancy, and it had a two-fold benefit for me:

1. it relaxed me. My stress levels had been through the roof once I passed my due date so it was wonderful to feel calm and relaxed through the gentle breathing and visualisation that Louise led me through, in the comfort of my own surroundings. It literally took a weight off my shoulders!
2. it empowered me. I had been so focussed on the physical aspects I could control to help onset labour, I hadn’t appreciated that my mental awareness / subconscious could also help with my preparations. This was a powerful insight to gain, which helped me trust that my body would know what to do (which it did! This birth was much more positive than my previous one).

I’m so glad I met Louise prior to giving birth; having hypnotherapy with her was such a positive experience for me!”

“FANTASTIC private hypnobirthing session this week with the brilliant Louise Jenkins. So lovely to have a session at home. THANK YOU so much feel zen and ready!!!”

“My hJess Carter familyusband and are I expecting our second baby soon. We had our first baby overseas and took Hypnobirthing classes during our first pregnancy. They were such an important part of our first pregnancy – time alone together to relax, prepare for the birth and focus on the new baby – so we decided to book onto Louise’s classes again this time. We also felt it would be useful to remind ourselves of some of the techniques we had learnt the first time around.

Surprisingly, Louise’s classes have been quite different. Rather than going over familiar ground we have learnt lots of new techniques for self-hypnosis, breath control and pain management and picked up some wonderful tips about preparing, mentally and physically, for the birth experience ahead. Instead of feeling we have been revising we have picked up lots of new tools for the toolkit instead, to complement what we learnt the first time.

I would say the classes are equally as useful for my husband as for myself, helping him in a really practical way to prepare to assist and support me during the birth. The most useful aspect for me as a ‘second-timer’ has been to revisit my first birth experience in a positive way and use it to help me prepare calmly and confidently for the next time.

I would highly recommend these classes to mums-to-be, whether it’s your first time or not.”