Hypnotherapy and weight loss

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and weight loss

I’m three weeks into a twelve week programme with Second Nature.  The focus of the programme is on changing eating patterns, exercise and mental wellbeing, and I’m enjoying it.

To be honest I was prompted by an enquiry from a client regarding weight management and was thrown into some self-questioning on how congruent  it would be for me to work with her whilst struggling myself with weight and body image.  I started looking at adverts that were flashing up on my Facebook feed encouraging me to join various programmes and found there were a couple that appealed to me.  Strange because one of my beliefs as a therapist is that dieting doesn’t work, we need to explore our relationship with food to identify how and why we are using it in a way that promotes weight gain. 

I then decided to talk to my sister who has completed the 12 week Second Nature Programme to see what her thoughts were,  and to put it mildly,  I was inspired.   I really liked what she told me about the approach and the link between healthy eating, exercise, gratitude journaling and mindfulness.  The support by an app on my smart phone with fellow participants and a coach seemed ideal.

The programme explains that it was developed by Chris and Mike whilst working as advisors for the NHS and their solution became the first ever online behavioural change programme to be commissioned by the NHS.  It’s based on behavioural science, has interesting articles to support your learning and TED talk clips which help to embed the knowledge.  (I must for the sake of honesty mention that Pepper the CDO was the clincher!)

So now I’m rethinking my approach to supporting others with weight management and healthy living and am encouraging clients to use this or a similar approach alongside Cognitive Hypnotherapy which will support them with the brain changes they need to make for long-term success.

If you haven’t heard of it head over to Second Nature and take a look then contact louise@louise-jenkins.co.uk and we can have a chat.

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