Ready, Aim, Fire. Professor Andrea Sella.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Ready, Aim, Fire. Professor Andrea Sella.

A couple of weeks ago one of my sons attended a series of science lectures at the Birmingham Symphony Hall and heard Professor Andrea Sella giving a lecture.  What had stuck in my son’s mind was the message that it’s not always the result that matters but what you find out from the process.  As we debated this idea in the car it made me think about how it’s not always the end destination but the journey that we learn from in our travels through life.


And that led me to think about a phrase I heard recently ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’; sometimes what we need to do is to start our journey by taking action even though we’re not completely sure where we’re headed.

So even if you’re not completely sure where you’re headed what are you waiting for? ‘Ready Fire Aim’…





It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive” Professor Andrea Sella.

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