Use Cognititive Hypnotherapy For ....


Relaxation techniques, pain management and self-hypnosis for confident pregnancy and labour.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Children

For children suffering with fears, anxiety, bed wetting and behaviour problems.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for social anxiety, exam stress, family tensions and teenage issues.

Family Life

Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help with issues around confidence in parenting, family separations and extended family situations.

Woman's Issues

Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help overcome individual issues, panic, health, confidence & identity, fertility.

Men's Issues

Anxiety, pressure, confidence, job stress and men's health.

Stress Management & Anxiety

Manage stress and learn to relax using Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques.

Phobias, Fears & Habits

Overcome and cope with phobias, control habits and unwanted behaviours.

Weight Management

Weight issues, eating disorders, dieting and body confidence.
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